Thursday, December 22

Christmas Lights

(Photos taken on my phone with Instagram)
As one of our advent activities from the calendar, I suggested going to look at Christmas lights.  I guess I envisioned driving around some neighborhoods and seeing what was out there, but as I looked online for good neighborhoods, I found out that there are some really extravagant displays nearby.  I should have known that SoCal would come through in that way.  One weekend, we went to Naples near Long Beach.  Last weekend, we went to Balboa Island for the Christmas Boat Parade.

Both neighborhoods have fantastic houses built on canals or the beach and most of the houses are decorated.  Some are decorated from inch to inch.  We walked by parties that had live music on their decks, enjoyed a high school chamber music choir and other various music groups that came out to perform Christmas music.  I was really blown away!

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