Tuesday, December 20

Christmas Links

An instagram photo taken on the bridge to Balboa Island.  

Today's Letters (a blog I subscribe to) has a collection of their favorite Christmas songs here. My Christmas song playlist has been going for a few weeks - both from my own collection and on Pandora, but these songs (and the links recommended in the comments) are a refreshing add-in.

I like this NoiseTrade Christmas CD: Ten Out of Tenn. Have you tried NoiseTrade? You can get great music and leave whatever tip you like!

I have been collecting too many fun ideas on pinterest (and even making a few of them). I took these eggnog cookies to three different friends' houses last week and they were a hit! I want to make this eggnog pound cake or maybe this pumpkin gingerbread next.

I usually make white chocolate covered cranberries, but don't think I'm going to this year.  I did have some cranberries in the freezer though, so I made cranberry bread yesterday and it's yummy!  I also made these fig and date swirls from Lottie+Doof.  Sadly, I didn't have any anise, so I made them without, but they are still yummy!

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