Wednesday, December 21

Our Advent

In our second Christmas together, we are still working on traditions.  I made an advent wreath for our table like last year (using free cuttings from our nearby Wal-Mart again!).  We light it each night we're both home for dinner and read from the Jesse Tree devotional.  Colin told me the other night he liked the one we did last year better because it's more interactive, but they're both good.

Since we are on a single income and adding to our family soon, we aren't buying each other presents.  I made an advent calendar with 25 pennant shaped pockets made from upcycled sweaters like our stockings.  I filled the first half with activities to do together and Colin has been filling the other half. 

We got out our tomato cage Christmas tree that debuted last year and Colin helped decorate it as our first advent activity.  We've made each other favorite meals or snacks as activities.  Colin even illustrates each card he writes with a tiny illustration!  Over the weekend, he built a fire in our pit and we had warm drinks outside around it as our activity.  He told me that he loves how it's bringing us together more.  Next Christmas, we'll have an almost one year old to add to the mix!

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