Monday, April 9

Mavry at 2 Months

Mavry had her two month check-up on Friday and is almost 11 pounds.  She has outgrown all of her newborn clothes and is well on her way to filling out the 0-3 month size with wonderful little fat rolls on the inside of her thighs.  She actually smiled for the doctor this time and impressed her with how she can roll over from front to back.  (The doctor had to see it to believe it and Mavry performed on command!)  I'll have to post a video of that soon.  She's moving around so much.  When I put her on the floor, she squirms off her little rug in no time. Her smiling and cooing has both of us totally charmed, but sometimes we catch her giving a big smile to the ceiling too!

Oops... I didn't put her in the same pose as her 5 week picture with Raggedy Ann.

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