Saturday, April 21


Colin graciously went with me last weekend on a women's retreat type weekend to take care of Mavry.  He was wonderful and he says he got to know Mavry a lot better from spending all day with her for almost three days.  We were at the foot of a mountain and the weather the first evening looked like this.  It was sort of magical.

 Then it snowed the next day!  We knew there was a chance of snow, but I was still entranced. 

 So Mavry got to experience her first snow!  I had warm clothes for Mavry, but not for me!

Along with my warm clothes, we also forgot to pack a bed for Mavry.  She usually only gets up once a night (and has slept through the night a few times), so we could have just made a place on the floor, but since we weren't sure if she'd be thrown off by a new place, we wanted her close by for easy lifting from bed.  So, Colin made a "co-sleeper" out of the luggage rack, a drawer with a towel for cushion, and a chair.  She liked it so well she slept through the night anyhow, but I was glad to have her next to me instead of a few feet down. 

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