Saturday, April 21

Grasping Mobiles

I asked Colin if he could make some Montessori toys for Mavry.  He has a few woodworking tools and wanted to do it, but always has so much in his "pile" (as I call it - I have a pile too!).  When his parents came into town, though, he solicited the help of his dad and they got two really wonderful things finished.  One of which is this toy hanger, inspired by the one at the Michael Olaf Store (a source worth checking out for Montessori toys, activities, and general information).  

They did a great job and I think they enjoyed working on it together.  It's beautiful, the height is adjustable, and it's something Mavry can use for a long time since it will make a fun little teepee and hiding place when she's older.  

We have hung a few different toys from it so far.  The bird toy was a hand-me-down and I attached a jingle bell and a wooden ring to lengths of ribbon with some elastic so she can bat at them and then pull on them when she learns how to grasp and hang on.  It's fascinating to watch her learn how to do all this!

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