Tuesday, April 10

Mavry Turns Over!

Mavry has been rolling over for a few weeks now.  We're not sure how many because when she first started doing it, we didn't think it was really a milestone.  We thought she was just losing her balance when we put her on her tummy.  I realize now that she had to be able to lift her head high enough to lose her balance, which takes some effort!  Her head being anchored to the ground is the only thing keeping her from turning over back to front now.  The rest of her body twists as far as it can go!

The first video is from when she was just lifting her head from side to side (when her newborn sleeper was still so loose even with a big cloth diaper!) and another where she's turning over.  Unfortunately, the date on my zumi camera was not set so I don't really know when the first two videos were taken.  The third is a recent one from Friday.  Don't worry - she's not always so sad when turning over. 


Angela said...

you may need to adjust the setting-it says these videos are private.

She is so adorable! I remember my kids rolling over and being so excited about it, but I'm pretty sure they were about 4 months when they rolled! So amazing this little Mavry.

Laura said...

Go Mavry!