Saturday, July 28

Daddy to the Rescue

When Colin comes home at the end of the day, it has generally been a while since Mavry woke up from her nap.  She will sometimes take another late afternoon nap, but not always.  So, at around 6pm, I am trying to work on dinner while a less than rested baby watches from her highchair.  Colin swoops in to the rescue and Mavry loves it.  She gets a big smile on her face when she sees her daddy come in.

Colin has been leading worship at the home group we've been going to and Mavry loves to watch.  We think she may also have an eye for art because she is often found staring at the art on our walls and at the houses of our friends.  I need to get some art on the walls at her level since she may be crawling soon!

I captured this moment one Saturday morning - I was impressed by my multitasking man.  Colin was reading, holding Mavry in the wrap and cooking bacon at the same time!

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