Saturday, July 7

Rolling Over, Mobiles, and the Floor Bed

I found these pictures on my camera when I uploaded her 5 month pictures. We recently re-introduced the black and white Munari mobile after having the green Gobbi out for a while.  I wasn't sure she'd be interested in it again, but she has spent a good deal of time observing it this week, mostly from her tummy.

Mavry loves being on her tummy now.  I think we were getting ready for church when I put her on the bed for a little while.  She rolled right over to the edge of the co-sleeper and started batting at her polyhedron mobile.  She seemed to be aware of the edge and kept her balance on it. 

She will often fall asleep on her tummy too - this time with a rag I had used to wipe up some drool or spit up underneath her sweet face.  

Mavry is sometimes seen balancing on the edge of the bed or occasionally found after having rolled off the bed.  She doesn't have the dolls in the corner anymore because I wanted to preserve them.  My Mom made me the Raggedy Ann dolls and Mavry is currently mostly interested in chewing on them.  Also, one day I found her chewing on the edge of the picture frame, so her bed is now clear of extras.  She now has a Montessori floor bed that is more in line with the clean and organized look it is meant to have. 

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