Tuesday, July 31

Our Mei Tai Carrier

With friends at Greystone Mansion

For Mavry's first 5 months, we used a Moby style carrier and a ring sling that were really easy to make.  Mavry, at almost 6 months, is now about 17 pounds.  The (homemade) Moby still works for her, but it is a little saggy and kind of hot since there is so much fabric involved.  The ring sling was our go - to carrier for the past few months since it's so easy to put on, but since the weight rests on one shoulder, it was getting a little uncomfortable for times when we were out for a while in it.  

I started thinking about buying a soft structured carrier - especially the new Boba Air (it folds up into a small pocket and is relatively inexpensive).  Then I joined a meetup group for mamas and babies started by someone who was in my hypnobabies class.  One of the women in this group uses a Kozy carrier which is a mei tai style that has no buckles or snaps - it just has four long straps that tie.  I realized that I could make my own since the design is relatively simple.  I found these instructions (didn't follow them exactly, but they were very helpful) and I used mostly fabric that I already had on hand.  It only took two short evenings plus one morning nap time to make.  It feels so good to have Mavry's weight distributed on both my shoulders and waist, plus she can now ride on our back too!  Mavry is still getting used to the carrier, but she likes it.  We are experimenting with folding the bottom up so that she can have her hands free. 

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