Saturday, August 18

Kickstarter Project - Alphabet Wallet Cards

Colin is the one at our house who discovered Kickstarter and has become fascinated with the prospect of getting one of his many ideas off the ground.  I hadn't looked around much at the different projects, but I funded my first project a few days ago after I found out about it on How we Montessori.  I wasn't sure it was going to get funded by the deadline (which is tomorrow!), but it has gained traction partly because it was also posted on Pioneer Woman's homeschool blog.  I don't have many followers here, but I wanted to get the word out the best I can!

I love the idea of Kickstarter and I love that this is a project from a mom who has taken a passion of her kids and is getting her kids involved in making the project happen.   The cards will have beautiful illustrations and be coated with non-toxic plastic.  You can fund at many different levels.  I got the full deck at $20. Check out the project through the video below and find out more on the project page


Elaine Acosta said...

very cool! I've never funded a kickstarter either so I figured I'd chip in too :)

Lela Thorne said...

Yay! Thanks Elaine! She got totally funded!

Marie-Claire Camp said...

Hi Lela, this is Marie-Claire Camp. Thanks so much for posting my project on your blog, backing the project and sharing it with your network!

I'm so excited that we got our funding, and I can't wait to send you all your reward decks, wallets, posters and more!

Any one else that hasn't backed it yet has just 25 more hours to pledge though (as of right now, 9:52 pm EST). The campaign ends on Sunday night at around 11pm.

Otherwise you'll have the opportunity to pre-order on our new site launching late Sunday night.

Pledge at any level to be placed on the email list to get the website information.

Thanks again and cheers!

Lela Thorne said...

Marie-Claire, we are excited that we got to be a part of your project and are looking forward to your cards! Thanks for visiting and congratulations!