Monday, August 6

Mavry: 6 months

She sighs. When she feels content, usually in our arms. 

She blows raspberries.  And is always experimenting with new sounds.  

She likes art.  In our home and in others, her eyes are drawn to what's hanging on the wall. 

She enjoys people.  Staring you down and studying your face are her specialties.  

She does yoga.  In preparation for crawling, she now poses in downward dog.

She loves to explore.  New environments are a treat.

She makes her rounds.  Surveys the room by moving around 360 degrees on her tummy.  
(As I write, she is starting to move forward - crawling may come soon!)

She laughs.  When we tickle her and make funny sounds to her.

She is intense.  Like Colin.

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