Thursday, August 9

Simple Toys

Inspired by this set of toys, Colin and I made Mavry a few simple Montessori toys.  She has used the rattle for a while now since it has a narrow middle that she was able to grasp early when it was handed to her.  It's now in rotation in her toy baskets as well as the wooden interlocking discs, which were the second project that Colin finished when his dad came to visit.  I also made the wooden bead toy since it just required wooden beads and leather cord.  Mavry loves her wooden toys.  She can sometimes even be found gnawing on a leg of her tripod toy hanger!

The interlocking discs are a good toy to have available later when she starts doing more hand to hand transfer since she will have to think about how to rotate the toy to grasp the other disc.  Once Mavry can get to sitting position by herself, I'd like to introduce the other two toys: the peg in cup and egg in cup

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