Thursday, August 30

First Foods

So we're feeding Mavry egg yolk and liver as her first foods.  (I realize this is weird.  People think runny eggs harbor potential dangers and liver is nasty, but these foods are really good for her!)

I went to a baby shower on Saturday and left Mavry and Colin home alone.  This is what happened while I was away. 

This week we've also introduced homemade chicken broth and I cooked sweet potatoes and am lacto fermenting them in a pickl-it to make it a baby super food.  We plan on introducing avocado soon too.

So far, we are going by the book Super Nutrition for Babies, which is based on the Weston Price recommendations for foods.  This includes waiting on grains until the 2 year molars come in.  (This blog post has more detailed information on these first baby foods.)  I am interested in baby led weaning as well, so I am going to get a book from the library on it.  Mavry isn't too interested in us feeding anything to her.  She really wants to get it to her mouth herself and these foods aren't all that friendly to that, so we are experimenting with all of this.  I'd love to hear what your experience is with first foods, especially baby led weaning!

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