Wednesday, September 24

Eliel: One Year Old!

Eliel is one year old today!
He is into knocking Mavry's block towers over, all kinds of food, playing peek a boo with play silks, standing in the water table in the front yard, going outside to chase chickens, opening and closing all drawers or cabinets that are his height, and winning people over with his toothy smile and dimple. He also climbs on Mavry's kitchen stool (trying to claim it for himself, I guess!) so there isn't much that's safe from his grasp!

What a year it's been with two kids.  They love each other so much and bother each other so much. 

Eliel at 11 months
Eliel at 10 months
Eliel at 9 months
Eliel at 8 months
Eliel at 7 months
Eliel at 6 months
Eliel at 5 months
Eliel at 4 months
Eliel at 3 months
Eliel at 2 months
Eliel at 5 weeks


Brenda Thorne said...

Hard to believe it's been a year! I love the last cute!
Happy Birthday to Eliel!

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