Monday, April 24

i could post more snow pictures,

but I won't. It snowed again on Sunday afternoon, on into the night, and was beautiful, but not as spectacular as the last one, so I didn't take any new pictures for you. It melted pretty quickly yesterday and now it's back to relatively warm and sunny skies! Saturday it was so warm that I went downtown in only a long sleeved t-shirt and jeans...this weather is so confusing, but kinda fun anyhow.

The weekend flew by and was so packed with stuff that I was glad for the week to start again. I had three students over for breakfast on Saturday. I asked what time they wanted to come over and they agreed on 8 am. I didn't tell them until later, but I was thinking that 8am on a Saturday was pretty early. They told me later it was early for them too, but they thought they should come early for breakfast. I then taught them the idea of brunch and that it's OK to have a late breakfast on the weekends. Anyhow, it was good for me to get an early start. I made them breakfast casserole, apricot white chocolate scones, and homemade granola. I don't know if they really appreciated it, but I sure enjoyed it. I think they mostly appreciated the real coffee.

Saturday afternoon, I went shopping, bought myself some roses, veggies for dinner, and other stuff. It was a beautiful day. I got back just in time to get the beans on to cook for dinner at five. I made my own ranchero sauce for beef enchiladas (with corn tortillas and pepper jack cheese from home), beans and mexican rice. It was pretty tasty. I had three Koreans over and another teacher from the English office to help with conversation since my Korean needs some support. I also made a super yummy chocolate caramel cake. It was all received well, and even though it took a lot of time to make, it was worth it.

I had another group over for tea, coffee, and the rest of the apricot scones on Sunday afternoon. It's good to get all your invitations done in one weekend, I think, because I got to use leftovers and kept my room in order the whole weekend. I sure had to do a lot of dishes over and over though.

Now we're in the middle of speaking tests for the midterm, so that makes for a busy week. This Friday, we're going to Dalian, a city on the coast, for our five day May holiday. I'm very ready for some down time on the train and time away from school!

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