Monday, April 17

a nice weekend

We got a nice surprise on Easter morning...snow! I know, I've posted about a million pictures of snow on this site, but I can't help it. Snow makes for the best pictures. Actually, Saturday night it was raining up until about 11 and then it turned into snow (or so I hear... I was really surprised to see the snow on Sunday morning!). We were very excited to see rain, because that's a sign of spring, whereas snow sure doesn't conjure up images of spring...

It made for a fun walk down to the valley where we meet on Sunday mornings. These are two ladies who were making sure they didn't slip. I got out my new waterproof hiking boots for the trek.

The weather here is actually quite fickle these days. (I just learned the Korean word for fickle and it's a fun one to use.) On Saturday, I barely even needed a jacket. I went shopping with a new teacher to show her the fruit, vegetable, and meat markets. It was kinda fun to be on the showing end. It was just a few months ago that people were having to show me! (Actually, I still have to be shown a lot of things.) I can now understand when people ask me what country I'm from (and give them a real full sentence answer), but I'm not capable of much more than that in Chinese. In the meat market, we bought our chicken breasts (to get that accomplished, I say the word for chicken, then point to that part of the body... I'm sure that's a funny picture for you!) and we bought a slab of beef. We had taken it over to a different corner of the market to get it ground and the lady behind the counter was asking us some questions. She asked us where we were from, and we told her in Chinese. Then, she was asking us some other stuff we didn't know. We finally asked her if she spoke Korean (you're lucky if you get someone at the market who does) and she did! So, we figured out what she was asking. She was asking if we could understand each other when we speak (the friend is from England). We laughed and told her that yes, we usually can.

We were buying all this meat for a mini Tex-Mex night! I brought back some tortillas and cheese from home, so my other Texan friend and I decided to cook up some meat and make some other stuff to put in the tortillas. I had some taco seasoning for the ground meat and she had a can of refried beans. Something that's so simple at home is really an exciting evening in China. We had a few people over to her house (she has an actual table and chairs in her room) and had a lovely little dinner.

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