Tuesday, April 25

many bad hair days in the forecast

I got my hair permed yesterday. Yes, I have gone crazy. I think it's part of this mid-life crisis thing. I went with a friend. I have never wanted to perm my hair. Not since the third grade, at least, when I had my last perm. I usually don't even think perms look good on people. I've prided myself in not spending money on hair, so I've never even colored it. So, I must be going crazy, or something worse. I won't spend much time lamenting, because it was my bad decision, but I went in for a perm and they called in the head guy (probably because I'm a foreigner, but I'm not sure). He said something in Korean like "Do you want me to just do what I think is best?" and, since I didn't really know what else to tell him (and wasn't sure what I really wanted anyhow), I told him OK. So, he proceded to give me bangs and a drastic layer cut. I can summarize my new look for you without a picture:
I should have stuck to what I learned from the last bad perm in third grade.
If I wanted to look younger (as in I never left the 80's), I have succeeded.
It's much better to just repent of pride in not doing unnatural things to your hair rather than show yourself and others by messing with it.


Jenni said...

but you know that description just leaves us wanting to see a photo.....good thing about hair -- it'll grow out!!

Angela said...

I always thought it was ironic when people with straight hair want it curly and people with curly want straight. I straighten mine, but don't do it poker straight 'cause I think it looks way too unnatural and I like some curl. I pretty much have to, or it is just way too unrully and I'd have to keep it braided 24-7. But like you, I'm not ready to spend money, so I trim it, cut it and straighten it myself for 5 bucks a pop as opposed to over $50. Call me cheap, but I actually like what I get and I've never liked the hairdresser's results. Hang in there, this too shall pass. No picture??? oh, please ;)