Wednesday, April 19

I know i'm sounding like a broken record...

but we had the most amazing snow last night! Light snow started in the morning and continued most of the day, and then into the night, so this morning we woke up to the most snow we've had at one time this year! I wore my boots, hat, and gloves so I could walk outside to the office to experience it. The others thought I was a little off to walk outside in it when I don't have to, but it was fun and I got better pictures that way.
Everyone says this weather isn't normal. I guess since Yanji is usually pretty dry in the winter, it's hard to get such a beautiful snow, but now that "spring" is coming, we have enough moisture to make it happen. It was up to my knees and it has snowed even more since then. I think this is the most snow I've ever experienced at one time! It's starting to feel like Christmas I should make some gingerbread cookies or something.

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