Wednesday, July 19

interesting things in my life lately

(Actually my life isn't so interesting lately, so I will compile some of the not so interesting things in a list to make them seem more interesting.)
1. I bought whole wheat flour today from our school bakery. The last time I tried to do this, they basically just let me because I was white and they wanted to be nice to me. Today, I went back to get directions to the other place they told me to go get it, but never found. Instead of selling it begrudgingly, they sold it with a smile and told me to tell my friends to come and buy it too!
2. I'm not teaching this summer, so I've had some time now that the volunteers are settled. This week, I made spaghetti sauce, granola, cookies, banana bread, pizza, and pad thai. I love the cooking part, but washing dishes isn't so fun. Last night, I had two students over for pad thai and they ordered eggplant cooked in beer from a nearby restaurant to go with it. Good stuff.
3. The weather this week has turned cool again and it's so excellent. I only wish it would stay this way for when my family visits. Unfortunately, Beijing won't be cool unless something amazing happens. It's usually a sticky mess in July and August.
4. My mom sent me a package for my birthday with a book, pants, and a shirt. Yay! The pants, for the first time in my life perhaps, were too long. Yesterday I took them to get them altered. It cost 5 yuan (less than a dollar) and they did it while I waited. This place is amazing.
5. I turned 30. I should feel different, but I don't. I guess that's good? I opened my door on my birthday to balloons and a banner proclaiming to everyone how old I am. I got many, many e-mails and e-cards from friends and family, some visits, some flowers, two phone calls (my parents and my Korean tutor who moved), and a small gathering at a local coffee shop with white wine. It was nice.

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