Thursday, July 6

korean friends

Although I haven't made much time for Korean study so far this summer, I have been lucky to make friends with some of the Korean women who work here and they are more than happy to speak to me only in Korean. Some speak English and some don't, but I really am thankful that they don't want to speak English with me! (I had so many friends eager to improve their English in Korea that I rarely got practice speaking Korean.) We exchanged dinner invitations a few times this semester, then I invited one friend over to make chocolate chip cookies (at her request) and she responded by inviting me over to make Korean bean pancakes and then she surprised me with this excellent dinner also. Of course, I don't understand everything they talk about, but I'm slowly getting better. I have to admit, I was almost stumped when they wanted me to tell my "love story" at this dinner (meaning a story of the guys that I have liked and have liked me). I asked someone else to go first, but even following their example, I didn't know what to say. Lots of practice needed.

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