Friday, July 28

my family in yanji!

breakfast at my placeon the Korean-Chinese border
bike taxi in Tumen (Laura's favorite)
raft ride on the Tumen river
We haven't done anything too exciting, but it's very nice to have family come and experience my life here with me. We have been trying a lot of Korean and Chinese foods and neither my sister nor my brother in law have been terribly impressed. I thought they'd like it a little more than they do, but I guess it's more of an acquired taste than I thought. I think breakfast at my house is their favorite meal of the day, and it's not that exciting.
Last night, we went to the bathhouse. We all had an overall nice, pampering experience there. (I think the Asian massage experience is a little less soft than the Western one, but except for a few moments of pain, the massages were very nice.) Today, we have just a few things to do downtown and then we are off to Beijing tonight.

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erinlo said...

I'm so glad your family is there with you!!! Awesome. Ya'll have a great time!