Thursday, July 20


One of my favorite things to do is go behind our school, down and up a hill, through a small wooded area, and then walk down this road that leads to a village. It's not really that far. I can do the whole thing quickly in about 45 minutes, or I can wander around and take pictures and let it take up almost two hours like I did yesterday. The pictures, you have to understand, don't do it justice. But, they'll have to do.

Yesterday was perfect. There was a pretty strong wind, the air was cool, the day was just about to finish, and a storm was slowly rolling in. The colors, like I've tried to describe before, are the best when it's not too bright out: fuzzy cool toned mountains in the distance, cool crisp greens of all shades all around. Cows and calves who tolerate you with a skeptical eye, little dogs who bark at you only if they have the energy, farmers who pretend not to look at you, but definitely stare, guys in cute retro helmets that speed by on their motorbikes. Old women who are peeling veggies, mending quilts, or taking a rest in some shade outside. It's an unexpected glimpse into the life that's just outside our university.

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