Friday, August 18

a few pictures

We tried to go inside Potala palace yesterday, but I guess there are so many tourists that you have to reserve a day in advance. At that time, we thought we'd be leaving for Everest Base Camp today, so we didn't make reservations. Then we had to postpone our trip a day, so we could have gone. Anyhow, it's more than twice the admission to get in than any tourist spot in Beijing. Crazy! Of course, we would have paid, but now it looks like we can't go. Walked around and took some good pics of the outside, though. Will post those later.
I asked for a card reader and finally found it on this all Chinese machine, so here are some randomly chosen pictures.

Woman with prayer beads and prayer wheel walking the circuit around the temple

"Beijing" street in Lhasa

A common way to decorate windows in Tibet.

Monks carrying packs of I don't know what. Walking in front of the temple in the heart of Lhasa.

Prayer flags decorating a courtyard, with the familiar bright and strong sun and blue skies. We saw a few clouds today, but it's so bright here normally that almost everyone wears long sleeves and hats.

Tonight, we go to check out the Landcruiser we rented to go to Everest base camp and other cities along the way. We leave tomorrow morning, so probably no updates for about 4 days. May find a computer room somewhere, though. Stay tuned.

OH! Last night at midnight, we got train tickets from Lhasa to Beijing on the brand new railway. We are more than excited. It will take 48 hours. We leave Wednesday morning and get into Beijing Friday morning. Should be an adventure!

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