Sunday, August 6

Beijing pictures

Sorry for keeping you guys in the dark all week. We didn't have too many chances to get online and when we did, we didn't really want to spend a lot of time doing it. So, here are some of my favorite pictures from the week. In no particular order, since I can't seem to control that when I load them.

On the great wall at Mutianyu. We hired a little van to take us there and back and we didn't get kidnapped or anything strange like that! Very nice experience. Much different than my first great wall experience at about this time last year. I think I blogged a little story about that.

Leaf hats on the beach at Beidahe, 2.5 hours by train from Beijing. Went there for our beach fix since we couldn't get a sleeper to Qingdao.

Outdoor Korean restaurant in Yanji. Drug Laura and John Mark there along with the summer volunteer dinner because I had never been and wanted to go. It was nice.

My favorite yogurt in Beijing. Yum.

Dad, me, Laura at the Forbidden City.

That's it for now. My Dad and I are going to attempt to go to Changbai mountain without a tour group. A feat that has not been accomplished by anyone that I know. We'll see what happens. More stories to come later.

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