Sunday, August 13

sunday night

It's Sunday night. I'm listening to some jazz I have on my ipod and finishing off a lemon chiffon pie I made last night. I found lemons in the fruit market (most of the year, they're impossible to find) and found this recipe from a blog on blogger's blogs of note. It was meant to be, because I was able to find lemons, I had a graham cracker crust mix that someone gave me from America waiting to be used (although I am sure the suggested ginger snap crust makes it all that much better), and I snatched up the last two cartons of "whipping cream" (in quotes because it's found on the shelf, not in the fridge, but it still works okay) from the supermarket. I made it last night and took it to lunch at another teacher's house today. I snuck a few bites of the leftover filling last night and was in love. I might consider putting a stop to my prs for a husband if this pie were made and delivered to me, oh, a few times a month or so.

Back to the jazz. If there is a perfect night to listen to jazz, it's Sunday. I think this my preference because of Dr. Jazz on KACU FM. I got in the habit of listening to him on Sunday nights when I was in college. Now I'm relegated to my own meager jazz collection, but it works fine, too. Another good Sunday night memory - going to Mezamiz (anybody remember that place?) after home group and working on puzzles or chatting, usually with Rich or Randy. Ah, the college days.

So, I'm getting ready to go to Tibet. Another teacher had planned to go home, but then couldn't get any decently priced tickets, so we made plans to go somewhere together in China. Another teacher is joining us and I'm putting off my Korean study plans for a 10 day or so jaunt to the other side of this fair country I live in. I'm quite excited. I was very happy to see Beijing again with my family, but I also wanted to make it somewhere I hadn't been yet. I thought I'd be all alone here for the last few weeks of summer, but it turns out that I'm not. We are taking the train to Beijing and then the plane to Lhasa. We had hoped to take the new train from Beijing to Lhasa, but it's all sold out. We haven't made travel arrangements coming back yet, so maybe we can still experience the train from Lhasa.

Wanted to post some pictures from the Lama Temple, the last place we visited in Beijing. It's a Tibetan temple, so I thought it would fit as I get ready to leave for Lhasa via Beijing tomorrow. But, blogger is not letting me post the pictures for some reason. So, pictures will have to wait!

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Angela said...

How funny! To this day, every Sunday night we are home, Brian tunes in to Dr Jazz on KACU. He says it's the only time you can get jazz on the radio in Abilene. It's even starting to grow on me who always found jazz a little high falluting and egotistical.