Tuesday, August 15

in Beijing again

We arrived in Beijing this morning about 11:00 after a 23 hour train ride from Yanji. It was a nice trip because we had sleepers and got a pretty good night's rest. We are staying tonight in a nice little youth hostel near Wangfujing Street, the big Western-style shopping street in Beijing. We spent all day shopping on that street. My two travelling mates bought quite a bit, but I just bought a pair of sunglasses (are you happy, Laura?) and a new (charged) camera battery because I left my battery charger at home. Could kick myself for that, but I guess an extra battery could come in handy. It was marked as 56o yuan, but we bargained it down to 100 yuan. Can you believe it? Ah, China.

So, tomorrow we catch the plane to Lhasa. I can't believe it!

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