Friday, August 25

finally back

I understand how this guy (at the market in Lhasa) felt. I'm tired.

After leaving our hostel in Lhasa early Wednesday morning, a 48 hour train ride from Lhasa to Beijing, a day in Beijing (mostly spent at IKEA after checking our stuff into a youth hostel for a day and showering), 4 hours spent at the airport waiting for our plane to take off to Yanji, then two more hours on the plane, we got back early this morning (Saturday). Great trip in every way. Will try to post something interesting after I get a little more coherent.

Boarding the train in Lhasa.

Dinner at the airport last night. We had to take it with us instead of eating at the restaurant because of expected bad traffic (and too much time spent at IKEA).

My two travel buddies with all our stuff, checking in at the Beijing airport last night.

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Mike Sadler, physicist said...

Glad you're back safely and had a good trip! We'll look forward to pictures of Everest from the base camp.