Friday, September 22

another week + decisions

This week felt a little more like it should, somehow. I was busier. The week flew by. No time for naps. Made, gave, graded two tests to three classes. Had two hours plus some (because my new tutor is talkative) of Korean tutoring. Finally met up with a student/friend who just got back from Beijing after a two month long internship. Celebrated a birthday of a friend. Made another birthday card for a new teacher in the conversation office. Went to the gym twice. Ate kimbap three times. Watched a cute Korean movie twice. Once with subtitles, once without. Interviewed a bunch of students. Taught. Made my bed every day. Swept my floor once. All the normal stuff that happens in a week.

I am trying to make some decisions, again. I am sorta fishing for advice, but don't know who could/should give it to me. I think I stayed at this school this fall because it was the easy thing to do visa-wise. I am tossing around different ideas for next semester. I could retain the status-quo and stay here. I need to study language, though, in a very concentrated way, so I am thinking about getting a student visa at the other university in town to study either Korean (preferably) or Chinese (that would kick my butt, because I'd have to learn the characters, but I'm willing). I want to stop teaching because as long as I am here teaching, I have very limited time and energy to devote to language study, so my progress is so slow. I want to keep teaching because the visa is a cinch and I am connected to the students and teachers here. If I quit teaching, I have to move, get a new visa, and sorta make a new community, even though I'd be in the same town. My community now mostly revolves around the conversation office crowd.

So, I had to go through this process last semester, too. One person (who isn't known for her soft remarks) said I'm starting to sound like a broken record. Well, I just want to make the right decision. Language is the main reason, but not the only one. I would be more available for other opportunities. Anyway, I'm not doing a good job of being eloquent in my thoughts here, but I don't feel like I really have someone who can help me make this decision. Maybe I'm not supposed to have anyone to help me make it, but I'm kinda tired of making decisions on my own.

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Elaine said...

I can relate to your struggle to make decisions. Sometimes I feel pressure to make them all on my own now since I'm an adult, but its not always simple! I'm glad that I have the final say, but I kindof yearn for someone to give me guidance! I guess the process is important - so good luck going through it. No matter what you decide to do I think you'll get some rich experience!