Saturday, September 23


We had our English department "MT" yesterday. MT stands for Membership Training. We don't use this in English, but it's a Korean tradition that is a little like a retreat. They can be one day or a weekend long. They're especially for freshmen to get to meet upperclassmen and teachers/professors in their major. We went to a little retreat center a little less than an hour away. You actually have to get there by boat, which was kinda fun. The buses dropped us off and then the boats took us across the lake to the site.

The day was beautiful. We're having this excellent warm fall here, which we keep expecting to end all of a sudden, but are enjoying it while it lasts. The leaves are starting to change, so the drive out was lovely. I wish I had some pictures of that, with the green golden rice fields on the brink of harvest and the hills around in a mix of greens and warm reds and oranges. I love fall. I always have, but being in a place where there are four seasons and leaves that change colors makes me love it more.

We played silly games and hung out with our students; some people took a boat ride around the lake while a few of us teachers stayed on shore and talked about the lack of romance in our lives. We talked about being set-up, possibities (admittedly very few) here in China, how many kids we (in our old age) could possibly have or want to have. After that, we played some ultimate frisbee, which is a game I will only attempt in Asia, where few people know how to play, so my uncoordinated self can throw ugly passes and nobody on my team will get mad because they are just as bad as me or worse.

Beautiful weather, time away from school, games, and conversation. Good times.

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