Sunday, September 24

green tea and chocolate

It's Sunday evening, a time I love to save for not doing much. I try to get homework graded, lesson plans done, etc. before Sunday so I can enjoy things I don't enjoy during the week. It's good to have an evening to listen to podcasts (tonight, it's jazz, the word nerds, and They Might Be Giants) while finishing up some dishes, doing miscellaneous stuff, drinking green tea with a few precious chocolate chips snuck from the freezer (really, I should save them for baking), and reading some poetry online. Tonight, I read this (from here):

"A Morning In Autumn"
by W.S. Merwin, from Migration: New and Selected Poems.

Here late into September
I can sit with the windows
of the stone room swung open
to the plum branches still green
above the two fields bare now
fresh-plowed under the walnuts
and watch the screen of ash trees
and the river below them

and listen to the hawk's cry
over the misted valley
beyond the shoulder of woods
and to lambs in a pasture
on the slope and a chaffinch
somewhere down in the sloe hedge
and silence from the village
behind me and from the years

and can hear the light rain come
the note of each drop playing
into the stone by the sill
I come slowly to hearing
then all at once too quickly
for surprise I hear something
and think I remember it
and will know it afterward

in a few days I will be
a year older one more year
a year farther and nearer
and with no sound from there on
mute as the native country
that was never there again
now I hear walnuts falling
in the country I came to

I still have a few hours left in my evening before I'll go to bed early, so I'm gonna study some Korean and try to think about the decisions I need to make soon!

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