Friday, September 8

summer, fall, cosmos

This is a picture of my room (looking from my bed out the back window) that I took a few days ago. I didn't edit it by removing the laundry that's drying on the line for you or anything. That's why there are a few shirts suspended in the air. Anyhow, I love my room in these last few days of summer before I have to pull out the jackets and put away the open toed shoes. I love how the sunlight streams in and warms it in the morning. I've had to shut the windows at night the past few days. I love the openness created (by necessity to get more air flow in the summer) by removing the sliding doors. Soon I'll have to put those doors back in where the curtains are and find a place to put the hanging potted plant I stole from Rachael's room after she left.

There's one teacher at our school who hates these flowers (Cosmos) because they symbolize to her the coming of cold weather. They seem to have appeared earlier this year. Even when it was still hot in August, they started coming out. Now they are out in full force. I love them. Not because they symoblize the coming of cold weather, but because they are just pretty. They don't take too well to being cut or plucked and put in a jar in your room. For some reason I like that. They don't want to be domesticated.

It's Friday, the end of our first week of school. I've already graded two sets of creative writing homework assignments and started thinking about the first unit test I have to give in a week or so. I took a nap after afternoon classes today and then fixed some Chinese dumplings (jiaozi) in my new microwave steamer (microwave courtesy of my Dad...he bought it for me while he was here this summer) for dinner. So convenient! I got some e-mails that I've been meaning to write for a long time written tonight. I mostly put them off because I wanted to write them in Korean (even though my Korean friends who receive them can speak English, I need the practice). So, that feels good.

And that's the random update from this side of the world.


kate m. said...

Hi Lela! I just read through some of your blog, and I love it! Blogs are pretty amazing ways of keeping up with people and in your case, your family. About my last post, I sort of figured all the dots in the continent of Asia to be okay because Brent and Erika just got home from a fairly lengthy trip there, and I don't consider you to be a stranger or anything. Hope all is going well with you! I ask Laura about you when I talk to her.
(By the way, I love Dove shampoo also. It is my favorite!).

Rachael said...

Lela! This is the first time I've commented on your blog because, well, I was there with you and blogspot was blocked.

That hanging plant came from Du Juan! I'm sure it likes your room better than mine anyway.

Miss you.