Sunday, September 3

first day of school!

Today is it, but it's been rather anti-climatic because I don't have class until 3:00. I teach two classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week. Next week, the freshmen start and I add one more hour Monday through Friday. My schedule got changed a bit from what I've had experience with and what I wanted, but such is life.

The weather yesterday was pretty warm and humid, but it rained last night and today it's cool and windy. It'll be time to close the windows (aka turn off the air conditioning) soon. It kinda feels like a good start to a new semester with the change in weather.

I don't really have anything interesting to post about yet, so here are a few random things that I'm happy about.
  • cool weather
  • a new fridge, hand me down from a friend who left (bigger and doesn't freeze everything in the refrigerated section)
  • burning a good-smelling candle in my room
  • dove shampoo (makes my hair soft!), found in a friend's room after she moved
  • having access to blogs on blogspot (for some reason, they're not blocked right now!)
  • a new, less cluttered arrangement for my room (i sort of do this once or twice a semester, or whenever i get new/better furniture hand me down)
  • getting to know new teachers. i wasn't actually very excited about that at first ( i wanted the old teachers back), but they are actually pretty good people.
  • wearing a new shirt from Tibet today

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