Wednesday, June 20

the market, good fortune, and the bus lady

This is one of the center sections of West Market on a weekday afternoon. On weekends it's much more packed. The fruit and veggie market is inside on the left and the meat/paper and dried goods market is inside on the right. I was standing on the second floor looking down from the entrance to the fabric and clothes market where I went to get some fabric to have a new pair of capris made since our weather has turned much hotter in the past week.

Older ladies walking past the nut vendors below me.

This curtained entrance into a restaurant caught my eye. I think the character (if looked at from the other side) is the character fu which means good fortune or blessing.

While I was stopped taking a picture of the good fortune curtain, I snapped one of these pajamas (I think they're actually steam room or massage room clothes) hanging out to dry.

I got a secret pic of the bus money lady as I was sitting across from her. It was a hot day, so she's wearing a sleevelss shirt and shorts, but she's also wearing elastic sleeves and gloves, I think to keep her arms and hands from getting coated with dirt, although I'm not really sure why. She's the one that opens the door, pulls you on and pushes you off if you are moving too slow. She's holding a bundle of money. She has it pre-folded into groups of four ones so she can give you change for a five easily. I'm not riding the bus as often now because I usually take my bike if possible. I don't miss the smallness, stuffiness, and the stares I get. (I get just as many stares on the bike, if not more, but I breeze by them instead of being stuck in a little space with them.)


mad4books said...

Man, I'm glad she didn't catch you taking your "secret pic" because that gal could mess you up.

mad4books said...

P.S. I think "Nut Vendors" would be a great name for a band.