Monday, June 25

my stealing record

I went to the gym today and took my iPod in the top pocket of my backpack. I went to lunch afterwards and then downtown to the market. I visited the ATM, but it wasn't working, so I put my wallet in the front pocket of my pants and walked away. I felt someone really close behind me and I pulled my backpack in front of me. I checked the pocket where my iPod was and it was still there. I made eye contact with the guy who was behind me and he gave me a weird look.

After walking around the corner, I put my backpack on my back again, but when I got into the store I was heading to, the top pocket was open and the iPod was gone. I stood there in the store telling myself how dumb I was to do the classic "check to see if you have it and then the pickpocketer knows exactly where to look" trick.

I use the iPod for playing songs in class, which is over, and at the gym, where it makes the treadmill time go faster. I was also looking forward to making some good travel playlists for the upcoming summer, but I'm guessing there's something I need to learn from this.

So, I'm still kicking myself. I guess with all the places I've travelled to and lived in, one loss of an iPod isn't too bad of a record. A used bike that was given to me was stolen in Seoul, but then I got it back. Then the seat was stolen from it when I had it locked up at the subway station. My Mom gave me a watercolor she had painted and I left it in my locked car overnight in Austin. That was stolen. I think that's the extent of my record, though. Besides the bike seat (which couldn't really be helped), I have felt stupid every time.

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RD said...

sorry about the ipod. Even though your record isn't too bad, it always stinks to get something stolen!