Wednesday, June 6

The Titans and Freedom Over Me

I happened to listen to "Oh Freedom Over Me" on the American Radio Works Podcast tonight
about blacks and whites working together for the black right to vote in Mississippi. Now I'm watching Remember the Titans (trying to find a good clip to show during my last American culture lecture on sports and leisure time) and I started tearing up even from the beginning scenes at training camp.

I don't know why I'm sitting here in China touched by this look at American history. It's ironic that I'm learning so much about America and American ways this semester as I teach. I wondered, as I listened to that radio program, if I had been around then, would I have been passionate about equal voting rights? To think that us Southerners made up ways to keep people from voting not too long before I was born....

So what is it that's going on now that history will look back on as a disgrace? And what part do I play in changing it?

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mad4books said...

Here's another clip to show your class...the football movie Shorty.

I'm far from a sports nut, but my family and I have watched this particular football movie THREE times. It's so special...there just aren't words...