Friday, June 29

text messages

I left America before text messages were popular, so I learned how to text in Asia. I would sometimes rather call, because it takes more time to message than to call sometimes, but it can also simplify things. Students especially love to text. I was going through my old messages today, cleaning out some of the especially cute ones that I saved. I decided to save them here.

These from my Chinese tutor:
I fail in love. The boy I like. Like my best friend. Sadness in the heart. It is dramatical.

Hello. I want to ask a question for you: Are there any train in American? My friend tell me there are not any train in American now. But I can not believe that.

From a student after I showed the movie The Pursuit of Happyness to my American Culture class:
Hello. I am very like this movie. It touched me deeply. It makes me think a lot, about family love and life itself. Thanks a lot.

From a student to thank me for inviting her over:
Thank you for your dinner. It is really nice. And I cannot forget the lovely cake any more! The plants are very beautiful.

From a student the day before Children's Day:
Happy Childrens Day tomorrow!
(I asked her later if adults also celebrate Children's Day. She said "Yes, I think adults need to remember the magic of childhood more than children need to celebrate it.")

And, this one from a random student who was studying in my classroom before my class. He asked for my phone number and I gave it to him, which I kind of regretted, but it turned out to be okay. This same thing happened again later and I didn't give my phone number out the second time.
Just call to say best wishes to you, happy everyday.
(Happy everyday must be a Chinese saying, because Chinese students love to wish it in English.)


mad4books said...

I fail in love, too. Sadness in the heart. Dramatical is the right word!

I "am very like" my ex-students. One of them sent me a thank-you note today, in fact. Many smiles.

Happy everyday,
Your old teacher

Elaine said...

I'm with you - the texting phenomenon is out of control. I have friends who WILL NOT answer their phones when I call, but reply in text.

Those were really cute and thoughtful messages.

Thanks for continuing to maintain such an interesting blog - the good, bad and inbetween are always a treat to read. I think we (your faithful blog readers) should start a fund raiser to replace your iPod!