Wednesday, June 13

truth is better than fiction

At the gym on Monday a lady in the locker room started talking to me. First in Chinese and then I asked her to speak Korean. That might have been a mistake, because then she wouldn't leave until I did. She showed me pictures of her daughter who is a student where I teach. She asked me when I usually come so that she can come at the same time. She told me as we walked out that she has gained weight since coming (she told me exactly how much) and then asked me if I could give her some of my fat.

Today, I ran into her again on the way in as she was on her way out. She told me about her day and then said she was wondering if I'd be at the gym today. Then she asked for my phone number so that she could call and see when I'll come. I hesitated, trying to find a good way to get around it, but gave it to her. She sent me some message in Chinese today that I can read 8 characters of. Not much of a clue what it says.
I was eating at my favorite hole in the wall Korean place last week when one of the kimbap ladies took a break to sit next to me and give me a short quiz:
How old are you?
Have you gone to your inlaw's house? (a creative way to ask if you're married)

She didn't go to the normal next question - Why not? or When do you plan to? And she didn't ask any more questions about my job or how much money I make, so she was less nosy than most.
I had this conversation on the phone in the office recently:

Hello. This is William. I can find Nathan?

No. He's not here.

Yes. I know. Bye.

Well, obviously he didn't know that Nathan wasn't there. If he had, he wouldn't have called. In Chinese, the phrase "I know" is used in a lot of places where we would say "I understand," or maybe even "okay." My Chinese tutor always says "I know dat" at funny times. After I explained to her about that, I used the Chinese "I know" phrase in a context I thought I had heard before and she called me on it, told me it was wrong. It's good when I get a taste of my own medicine.

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