Monday, February 8

The Ceremony

My Mom found someone local to do the flowers. I just sent her some pictures of what I liked. The bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages were really lovely. Thanks, Mom, for taking care of that and adding some really beautiful flowers to the wedding!

My 2 year old nephew, the ring bearer, anticipating his time in the spotlight. Oh my. He is so cute!

Colin SURPRISED me by singing "I Want You to Be My Love" as I walked up the aisle. I couldn't believe it. (That's the song he also used to propose to me.) He added on a verse that he wrote, saying that he wanted me to be his wife. I married such a romantic!

Colin's dad blew the shofar for us at the beginning and end of the wedding.

Instead of the unity candle, we had a ribbon ceremony to show that everyone who came to the wedding was a part of the community, a part of our marriage. We had one long ribbon that everyone wrapped around their wrist and then passed on, so that everyone was connected. Once everyone was connected, scissors were passed and we asked people to wear the ribbon as a reminder of their participation in the wedding. One of my friends was even still wearing it last week. I love that.

A group shot of everyone who came to the wedding! Yay!

The good looking members of the wedding party.

The groomsmen who all came from out of state to celebrate with us.

(These pictures are from Amber Snow Photography.)


One Woman said...

Was so lovely!!

lela said...

I forgot to say that Colin's mom made our huppah. His whole family was so helpful and involved in the wedding. Yay for the Thornes!