Friday, February 5

The Wedding Day

A week or so before the wedding, I started waking up with knots in my stomach, which was weird for me because I'm usually a very low stress person. From Wednesday before the wedding on, though, I would wake up with a list of things to do (or at least worry about) but the knot was gone.

I got great sleep the night before the wedding, and woke up feeling pretty normal, except for the knowledge that I was about to make a life changing commitment in a few hours. I made a list of things I was worried about and gave it to my sister. She graciously took it and worked on making them happen. From that point on, I let go of most things.

I do remember seeing Colin (since we were in such close quarters, we decided it would be okay to see each other until we got into our wedding clothes) at some point and telling him something like "It doesn't look good yet! I really want it to look good!" He then told me, "Umm, I think you need to be whisked away somewhere so you won't worry about this. We're making it happen."

I realized there wasn't much left I could do, so I went to my cousin Audra's cabin, where she had stayed up half the night icing the gorgeous and YUMMY wedding cake she made as a gift to us. She also volunteered to do my makeup and hair. I gladly took her up on those offers, since she is much more skilled in those areas than I am. She did a fabulous job and took a lot of stress off me.
It rained from Thursday before the wedding until sometime early Saturday. We heard that in Finland, this is considered good luck - like a cleansing. I was okay with it raining, because I love rain and we had a tent. The problem with the tent though was that it was on a slope, so though it was mostly dry at the lower end, the higher end had all the runoff from the uncovered higher ground. So, it turned into a bit of a muddy mess underneath.

Saturday morning, the sun came out and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day, so we decided at the last minute to move the ceremony outside of the tent to enjoy the natural light and have the tent already set up for the reception, instead of having to move in tables later. It did turn windy and overcast for the wedding, which made it a bit chilly (I somehow didn't feel cold at all, but other people had blankets on their laps!), but it was beautiful!

I'll post a few pictures from our photographer soon!

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Mike Sadler said...

As the father of the bride I want to say that it was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful experience. We enjoyed sharing the cabin with the Thorne family. The hootenanny was marvelous.