Thursday, September 9

Homegrown Tomato Meal #2 : Tomato Pie!

When I went to Kerby Lane upon my arrival in Austin a few weeks ago, I had their Tomato Pie that's only available from their special summer tomato menu. It was amazing. AMAZING! We also had the best waiter ever.

Tonight, I made a version of a tomato pie from this recipe. I was searching for the actual Kerbey Lane recipe, but couldn't find it. This one looked yummy and won out since I had a lot of fresh corn that Colin bought over the weekend.

I made a few changes to the recipe: subbed half wheat flour for the crust, used half feta and half mozzarella for the cheese (because that's what I had and the Kerbey Lane recipe uses feta) and used caramelized onions instead of chives.

It wasn't as delicious as Kerbey Lane's, but it was still a winner! (There's a weird growth on the pie in the first's just me compensating for my lack of skills when it comes to making a beautiful pie crust.)

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