Monday, September 13

Saturday: eat, hike, eat, eat

Saturday I met up with three friends in Pasadena. Pasadena is wonderful for many reasons, two of which are nearby hiking and yummy food. After eating a delicious breakfast at Aunty Em's (savory bread pudding made with focaccia bread, three cheeses, and roasted tomatoes!), we went on a hike up to a waterfall from Chantry Flat.

Rebecca started out the hike with a challenge to put her sunscreen on and take her shirt off at the same time.

After hiking, we went to Euro Pane, where we had their famous egg salad sandwich, goat cheese and roasted pepper sandwich, and amazing desserts. I just recently discovered macarons and I'm in love. The sea salt caramel macaron at Euro Pane is amazing!

As if we hadn't eaten enough, we then went to get gelato at Bulgarini. I had determined that I was already full and was not going to get any gelato, but after walking in and trying a sample of the intriguing yogurt gelato with fruity olive oil poured on top, I sure did buy some. It was delicious, as was the pistachio and goats milk with cocoa nibs. (A small consists of three tiny scoops, so I got three flavors.)

I tease my Korean American friends that they plan vacations/dates/whatever around food. When Colin and I went to San Diego, I asked for recommendations for things to do. All my Korean American friends suggested were places to eat. They plan things to do around where to eat. This means they know the best places! I lived in Pasadena for more than a month and never went to any of these places, but I'm glad to know them now. And glad we were able to work off some of the food through hiking!

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