Friday, September 10

Somewhat Embarrassing Fridge Picture

I was originally going to just take a picture of the pickles I made (inspired by this post), but then I decided to just go for a picture of the whole fridge. There's not much space for anything else to go in at the moment. You can see I've already resorted to stacking things. (I can blame that partly on a fridge that's not exactly designed for storing much.)

Colin usually gets excited when there is a lot of food in the fridge (probably because it means that I won't make a case for going out to dinner), but I get more excited about clearing things out and using things up. Anyhow, this is the state of our fridge tonight. Pickles ready tomorrow!


Angela said...

btw- your cold coffee so totally rocked! Some of the yummiest coffee I've ever had. I think this will be my regular even though Brian makes fresh coffee everyday, which would be easier for me to snag, your's was so much tastier! Thanks so much.

lela said...

yay! glad you liked it!