Tuesday, January 24

38 weeks!

Today I'm 38 weeks along, which means that Baby Thorne could come at any time!  First babies usually come after their "guess date" (ours is February 7th) but we are ready whenever he or she wants to come and we are willing to wait, too. 

This picture was taken at 36 and a half weeks.  I've been very blessed during pregnancy because I only had the slightest nausea a few nights during the first trimester.  The past few weeks I've had tingling in two of my fingers because of swelling, but other than that, I've felt great!

We packed our hospital bags, rearranged our room, and have done baby laundry in the past two days.  I'm still busy getting loose ends tied up, reading books about parenting and working on projects, but we are telling baby that we're ready whenever he or she is!


Scott RBW said...

Go Lela and Colin! Will be praying for the right timing, and everything to go according to "plan" (it's all HIS plan, after all, and you know that well!) It sure was good to see you guys last month ... bless you!


Elaine said...

How exciting! Can't wait to meet him/her soon (if only through pictures)!

cajungal01 said...

I am so super excited for you! You being a mom is a dream come true, you're going to be amazing! :0) I pray the rest of the pregnancy goes equally as well and baby Thorne delivers perfectly. :0)

Laura said...

Lookin' good! I can't wait!

Susie said...

Excited for you all!! So glad you will be waiting for God's timing...I think people today think the guess date is carved in stone! Will be praying for safe delivery, He/she will be Grandma Thorne's 6th great
grandchild in about 4 or 5 months!!!