Wednesday, January 11

Projects for Baby, Part Two

After the baby wipes were done (which took a lot of learning on the serger - mostly re-threading issues), I made a few pairs of baby pants (longies) from felted wool sweaters that I have in my stash.  I used the arms of the sweaters to give the pants nice edges on the legs, but mostly went by this tutorial and these patterns.  I plan to lanolize them so that they are easy to care for.  (I hear if you lanolize wool, you can just let them dry if they get wet and then re-wear, then you only have to wash them if they get dirty or start to smell.)

I also made hats from the snow pixie pattern found here a few weeks ago. I made one for Colin's brother's baby who we got to meet in Arkansas.  (They live in Finland, but Colin's whole family got together for the first time since our wedding for Christmas!)  The brown hat and pants set went to a friend who had a baby shower last weekend.  It was hard to part with because it was the softest one, but it was also the one with the best sewing lines!

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Mike Sadler said...

The nesting urge has struck!