Wednesday, January 25

Two Year Anniversary

 January 16th we celebrated two years of marriage!  I met Colin at work and we went to the beach (which was almost deserted because it was cold and windy, but that just made it all the more cozy!) for dinner around a fire.  Colin made me his world famous s'more. 

Our cute little cabin in the background.
On Friday, Colin took a half day and we drove up to Big Bear in the mountains to spend the night at a little cabin he found.   This little trip also turned out to be a sort of "babymoon" since it's the last time we'll go anywhere before the baby comes! 

It was fun to cook our own food, sit next to a cozy fire, work on a puzzle together (and then give up), hope for snow and wake up to sleet, and enjoy the cold weather around the lake for about 5 minutes before we decided to head back down the mountain. 

Yay for Colin, who plans simple, fun, memorable things to celebrate!

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Angela said...

yipee! how fun. Memories are precious and glad you got to do something special for #2- congrats by the way. Nowadays, 2 years is as big an accomplishment as any of the years it seems. We have known lots who did not make it one. I didn't think that would be you two, but it does make one realize how precious and sacred it is each year and moment shared together.