Tuesday, January 10

Projects for Baby, Part One

I borrowed a serger from a friend and have been working on baby projects!

The first project I wanted to get done was finish the flannel wipes I cut out months ago.  (We're cloth diapering, so we are using cloth wipes too.)  I thought that cutting the edges with pinking shears would keep the edges from fraying, but after washing, I could tell that they needed to be hemmed or serged.  I wasn't about to take the time to hem them all and I was lucky enough to find a serger to borrow.  Yay!  (I have been inspired to use cloth instead of disposable things for a while.  We hardly use any paper towels at our place.  Here's another post I read recently about the topic.)

I also bought about 6 yards of knit fabric from the discount aisle of a local fabric store to make two moby style wraps. I just cut the fabric down the length and serged the edges all the way around.  No pics of that 'cause it's just a long piece of fabric - once baby comes, I'll post one!

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