Monday, January 16

A Camera Case For Colin

Colin likes to have his little camera with him in his pocket so he likes to have a case that fits it just right without adding bulk.  He had the perfect neoprene case for a long time, but it finally wore out and he's been on the hunt for a replacement.  We tried a few different ones that were for small cameras but they added just a bit too much extra space.  I had thought about making him one, but knowing how particular he was being, I decided not to volunteer.  Finally, he asked me to trim one of his socks to make a case.  Then I decided that I could do better than that and I made him one out of the sweater scraps I had out from the baby clothes.  It turned out to be really easy and he loves it.  :)


Angela said...

my cousin does cloth diapers and bought rectangle ones and used an online pattern to refashion them to make them fit like diapers. She also knit wool covers which she says is the best. If you are interested in getting her patterns, I could get you her contact info. thinking of you during this happy time!

Lela Thorne said...

Thanks Angela! I bought some wool diaper covers from a lady on craigslist and I think I could make my own using felted sweaters in other sizes. I'll be learning as I go!