Tuesday, November 13

Mavry: 9 months (40 weeks!)

Getting pictures of Mavry with her Raggedy Ann is becoming more difficult.  (Did I mention that my mom made this Raggedy Ann for me when I was little?)  Mavry doesn't appreciate being put back into the same pose I want her in when all she really wants is to chew on my camera strap.  So, these shots are my best solo attempt. 

Mavry has now been alive outside the womb as long as inside!  She was born the night before her "due" date, which was 40 weeks.  At 9 months, she is all over the place with crawling, scooting, and cruising around everything she can pull up on, which is everything.  She can even scale walls Spiderman style.  She is frequently seen judging the distance between two objects to see if she can transfer between them without getting on her hands and knees.  She seems to be a pretty good judge of this, but she does suffer from bonking her head under things like the dining room table and chairs.  

This month Mavry had her first cold, the first night of which she had a fever.  We were glad when that was over!  She claps and loves to make the sign for "milk" although we aren't sure she means milk every time she does it.  And, her hair is growing long over her ears.  I'm having to restrain myself from cutting those bits!

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