Wednesday, December 12

Mavry: 10 months

Mavry is 10 months old! 

She is standing on her own and getting a little more adventurous with that every day. 

She loves her walker wagon.  She will walk with it until she runs in to something and then stop and pull a book out of it to "read." 

She loves going out.  If the outside doors are open, she will head outside on her own. 

When she wakes up from her naps (on her floor bed), she will usually crawl to the door (I leave it closed but not pulled shut) and come out on her own. 

She has her own shelf in the kitchen now that has some vintage tea tins and other kitchen items just for her.  She can make quite the racket!

She loves to talk to herself.  She can be overheard saying "lamalamalamaduh" or something like it from her car seat or as she cruises around the room. 

She used to stay in the same room as us all the time, but now she frequently ventures into a room we are not in - usually the bathroom - to open cabinets and rifle through the contents.  We have put off baby proofing cabinets in our small apartment since we are hopefully moving soon, so we keep an eye on her!

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